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Papers by MCnet members in 2020

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MCNET-20-28: Towards Colour Flow Evolution at Two Loops

Plätzer, Simon; Ruffa, Ines
Preprint: arXiv:2012.15215, 2020-12-30

MCNET-20-27: Combined subleading high-energy logarithms and NLO accuracy for W production in association with multiple jets

Andersen, Jeppe R.; Black, James A.; Brooks, Helen M.; Byrne, Emmet P.; Maier, Andreas; Smillie, Jennifer M.
Preprint: arXiv:2012.10310, 2020-12-18

MCNET-20-26: Studying dark matter with MadDM 3.1: a short user guide

Arina, Chiara; Heisig, Jan; Maltoni, Fabio; Mantani, Luca; Massaro, Daniele; Mattelaer, Olivier; Mohlabeng, Gopolang
Preprint: arXiv:2012.09016, 2020-12-16

MCNET-20-25: The chirality-flow formalism for the standard model

Alnefjord, Joakim; Lifson, Andrew; Reuschle, Christian; Sjodahl, Malin
Preprint: arXiv:2011.10075, 2020-11-19

MCNET-20-24: Majorana neutrinos in same-sign $W^\pm W^\pm$ scattering at the LHC: Breaking the TeV barrier

Fuks, Benjamin; Neundorf, Jonas; Peters, Krisztian; Ruiz, Richard; Saimpert, Matthias
Published: Phys. Rev. D 103, 055005 (2021)
Preprint: arXiv:2011.02547, 2020-11-04

MCNET-20-23: Probing the Weinberg operator at colliders

Fuks, Benjamin; Neundorf, Jonas; Peters, Krisztian; Ruiz, Richard; Saimpert, Matthias
Published: Phys. Rev. D 103, 115014 (2021)
Preprint: arXiv:2012.09882, 2020-12-17

MCNET-20-22: Setting the string shoving picture in a new frame

Bierlich, Christian; Chakraborty, Smita; Gustafson, Gösta; Lönnblad, Leif
Preprint: arXiv:2010.07595, 2020-10-15

MCNET-20-20: Anatomy of inclusive $t\bar t W$ production at hadron colliders

von Buddenbrock, Stefan; Ruiz, Richard; Mellado, Bruce
Preprint: arXiv:2009.00032, 2020-08-31

MCNET-20-19: Efficient multi-jet merging with the Vincia sector shower

Brooks, Helen; Preuss, Christian T.
Published: CPC 264 (2021) 107985
Preprint: arXiv:2008.09468, 2020-08-21

MCNET-20-18: Combining single and double parton scatterings in a parton shower

Cabouat, Baptiste; Gaunt, Jonathan R.
Preprint: arXiv:2008.01442, 2020-08-04

MCNET-20-17: Four lepton production and the accuracy of QED FSR

Gütschow, Christian; Schönherr, Marek
Preprint: arXiv:2007.15360, 2020-07-30

MCNET-20-15: Challenges in Monte Carlo Event Generator Software for High-Luminosity LHC

Valassi, Andrea; Yazgan, Efe; McFayden, Josh; Amoroso, Simone; Bendavid, Joshua; Buckley, Andy; Cacciari, Matteo; Childers, Taylor; Ciulli, Vitaliano; Frederix, Rikkert; Frixione, Stefano; Giuli, Francesco; Grohsjean, Alexander; Gütschow, Christian; Höche, Stefan; Hopkins, Walter; Ilten, Philip; Konstantinov, Dmitri; Krauss, Frank; Li, Qiang; Lönnblad, Leif; Maltoni, Fabio; Mangano, Michelangelo; Marshall, Zach; Mattelaer, Olivier; Fernandez Menendez, Javier; Mrenna, Stephen; Muralidharan, Servesh; Neumann, Tobias; Plätzer, Simon; Prestel, Stefan; Roiser, Stefan; Schönherr, Marek; Schulz, Holger; Schulz, Markus; Sexton-Kennedy, Elizabeth; Siegert, Frank; Siódmok, Andrzej; Stewart, Graeme A.
Published: Comput Softw Big Sci 5, 12 (2021)
Preprint: arXiv:2004.13687, 2020-04-28

MCNET-20-14: Parton-shower effects in Higgs production via Vector-Boson Fusion

Jäger, Barbara; Karlberg, Alexander; Plätzer, Simon; Scheller, Johannes; Zaro, Marco
Published: Eur. Phys. J. C 80, 756 (2020)
Preprint: arXiv:2003.12435, 2020-03-27

MCNET-20-13: Quantitative study on helicity inversion in Majorana neutrino decays at the LHC

Ruiz, Richard
Preprint: arXiv:2008.01092, 2020-08-03

MCNET-20-12: Measuring the quartic Higgs self-coupling at a multi-TeV muon collider

Chiesa, Mauro; Maltoni, Fabio; Mantani, Luca; Mele, Barbara; Piccinini, Fulvio; Zhao, Xiaoran
Preprint: arXiv:2003.13628, 2020-03-30

MCNET-20-11: Building a consistent parton shower

Forshaw, Jeffrey R.; Holguin, Jack; Plätzer, Simon
Preprint: arXiv:2003.06400, 2020-03-13

MCNET-20-10: The chirality-flow formalism

Lifson, Andrew; Reuschle, Christian; Sjodahl, Malin
Published: Eur. Phys. J. C 80, 1006 (2020)
Preprint: arXiv:2003.05877, 2020-03-12

MCNET-20-09: Sector Showers for Hadron Collisions

Brooks, Helen; Preuss, Christian T.; Skands, Peter
Preprint: arXiv:2003.00702, 2020-03-02

MCNET-20-08: On the reduction of negative weights in MC@NLO-type matching procedures

Frederix, R.; Frixione, S.; Prestel, S.; Torrielli, P.
Preprint: arXiv:2002.12716, 2020-02-28

MCNET-20-07: Multipole photon radiation in the Vincia parton shower

Skands, Peter; Verheyen, Rob
Preprint: arXiv:2002.04939, 2020-02-12

MCNET-20-06: Numerical resummation at subleading color in the strongly ordered soft gluon limit

Höche, Stefan; Reichelt, Daniel
Published: Phys. Rev. D 104, 034006 (2021)
Preprint: arXiv:2001.11492, 2020-01-30

MCNET-20-04: Scale and Scheme Variations in Unitarized NLO Merging

Gellersen, Leif; Prestel, Stefan
Published: Phys. Rev. D 101, 114007 (2020)
Preprint: arXiv:2001.10746, 2020-01-29

MCNET-20-03: Event Generation with Normalizing Flows

Gao, Christina; Höche, Stefan; Isaacson, Joshua; Krause, Claudius; Schulz, Holger
Published: Phys. Rev. D 101, 076002 (2020)
Preprint: arXiv:2001.10028, 2020-01-27

MCNET-20-02: Exploring phase space with Neural Importance Sampling

Bothmann, Enrico; Janßen, Timo; Knobbe, Max; Schmale, Tobias; Schumann, Steffen
Published: SciPost Phys. 8, 069 (2020)
Preprint: arXiv:2001.05478, 2020-01-15

MCNET-20-01: A universal framework for t-channel dark matter models

Arina, Chiara; Fuks, Benjamin; Mantani, Luca
Published: Eur. Phys. J. C80 (2020) 409
Preprint: arXiv:2001.05024, 2020-01-14

MCNET-20: New sensitivity of current LHC measurements to vector-like quarks

Buckley, A.; Butterworth, J.M.; Corpe, L.; Huang, D.; Sun, P.
Published: SciPost Phys. 9, 069 (2020)
Preprint: arXiv:2006.07172, 2020-06-12