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Papers by MCnet members in 2017

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MCNET-17-9: Higgs Boson Plus Dijets: Higher Order Corrections

Andersen, Jeppe R.; Hapola, Tuomas; Maier, Andreas; Smillie, Jennifer M.
Preprint: arXiv:1706.01002, 2017-06-03

MCNET-17-25: Baryon production from cluster hadronisation

Gieseke, Stefan; Kirchgaeßer, Patrick; Plätzer, Simon
Preprint: arXiv:1710.10906, 2017-10-30

MCNET-17-24: Rare top quark decays at a 100 TeV proton–proton collider: $t \rightarrow bWZ$ and $t\rightarrow hc$

Papaefstathiou, Andreas; Tetlalmatzi-Xolocotzi, Gilberto
Preprint: arXiv:1712.06332, 2017-12-18

MCNET-17-23: Searching for processes with invisible particles using a matrix element-based method

Ferreira de Lima, Danilo Enoque; Mattelaer, Olivier; Spannowsky, Michael
Preprint: arXiv:1712.03266, 2017-12-08

MCNET-17-22: Merging High Energy with Soft and Collinear Logarithms using HEJ and PYTHIA

Andersen, Jeppe R.; Brooks, Helen M.; Lönnblad, Leif
Preprint: arXiv:1712.00178, 2017-11-30

MCNET-17-21: Top Quark Production and Decay in Herwig 7.1

Bellm, Johannes; Cormier, Kyle; Gieseke, Stefan; Plätzer, Simon; Reuschle, Christian; Richardson, Peter; Webster, Stephen
Preprint: arXiv:1711.11570, 2017-11-30

MCNET-17-20: Momentum conservation and unitarity in parton showers and NLL resummation

Höche, Stefan; Reichelt, Daniel; Siegert, Frank
Preprint: arXiv:1711.03497, 2017-11-09

MCNET-17-19: Automated QCD and Electroweak Corrections with Sherpa

Schumann, Steffen
Preprint: arXiv:1711.08023, 2017-11-21

MCNET-17-18: Trilinear Higgs coupling determination via single-Higgs differential measurements at the LHC

Maltoni, Fabio; Pagani, Davide; Shivaji, Ambresh; Zhao, Xiaoran
Preprint: arXiv:1709.08649, 2017-09-25

MCNET-17-17: Single top-quark production with SHERPA

Bothmann, Enrico; Krauss, Frank; Schönherr, Marek
Preprint: arXiv:1711.02568, 2017-11-07

MCNET-17-16: Collectivity without plasma in hadronic collisions

Bierlich, Christian; Gustafson, Gösta; Lönnblad, Leif
Preprint: arXiv:1710.09725, 2017-10-26

MCNET-17-15: Rope Hadronization and Strange Particle Production

Bierlich, Christian
Preprint: arXiv:1710.04464, 2017-10-12

MCNET-17-14: Some Dipole Shower Studies

Cabouat, Baptiste; Sjöstrand, Torbjörn
Preprint: arXiv:1710.00391, 2017-10-01

MCNET-17-13: Improving the Simulation of Quark and Gluon Jets with Herwig 7

Reichelt, Daniel; Richardson, Peter; Siodmok, Andrzej
Preprint: arXiv:1708.01491, 2017-08-04

MCNET-17-12: Sensitivity of jet substructure to jet-induced medium response

Milhano, Guilherme; Wiedemann, Urs Achim; Zapp, Korinna Christine
Preprint: arXiv:1707.04142, 2017-07-13

MCNET-17-11: Electroweak corrections to diphoton plus jets

Chiesa, Mauro; Greiner, Nicolas; Schönherr, Marek; Tramontano, Francesco
Preprint: arXiv:1706.09022, 2017-06-27

MCNET-17-10: The Development of MPI Modeling in Pythia

Sjöstrand, Torbjörn
Preprint: arXiv:1706.02166, 2017-06-07

MCNET-17-09: Combining states without scale hierarchies with ordered parton showers

Fischer, Nadine; Prestel, Stefan
Preprint: arXiv:1706.06218, 2017-06-19

MCNET-17-08: Herwig 7.1 Release Note

Bellm, Johannes; Gieseke, Stefan; Grellscheid, David; Kirchgaeßer, Patrick; Loshaj, Frashër; Nail, Graeme; Papaefstathiou, Andreas; Plätzer, Simon; Podskubka, Radek; Rauch, Michael; Reuschle, Christian; Richardson, Peter; Schichtel, Peter; Seymour, Michael H.; Siódmok, Andrzej; Webster, Stephen
Preprint: arXiv:1705.06919, 2017-05-19

MCNET-17-07: Deep-learning Top Taggers or The End of QCD?

Kasieczka, Gregor; Plehn, Tilman; Russell, Michael; Schell, Torben
Preprint: arXiv:1701.08784, 2017-01-30

MCNET-17-06: Implementing NLO DGLAP evolution in Parton Showers

Höche, Stefan; Krauss, Frank; Prestel, Stefan
Preprint: arXiv:1705.00982, 2017-05-02

MCNET-17-05: Triple collinear emissions in parton showers

Höche, Stefan; Prestel, Stefan
Preprint: arXiv:1705.00742, 2017-05-01

MCNET-17-04: Systematics of quark/gluon tagging

Gras, Philippe; Höche, Stefan; Kar, Deepak; Larkoski, Andrew; Lönnblad, Leif; Plätzer, Simon; Siódmok, Andrzej; Skands, Peter; Soyez, Gregory; Thaler, Jesse
Preprint: arXiv:1704.03878, 2017-04-12

MCNET-17-03: A new model for soft interactions in Herwig

Gieseke, Stefan; Kirchgaeßer, Patrick; Loshaj, Frasher
Preprint: arXiv:1704.00911, 2017-04-04

MCNET-17-02: Soft Interactions in Herwig

Gieseke, S.; Kirchgaeßer, P.; Loshaj, F.
Preprint: arXiv:1703.10808, 2017-03-31

MCNET-17-01: New Physics in multi-Higgs boson final states

Kilian, Wolfgang; Sun, Sichun; Yan, Qi-Shu; Zhao, Xiaoran; Zhao, Zhijie
Preprint: arXiv:1702.03554, 2017-02-12