2008 publications


Papers by MCnet members in 2008

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MCNET-08-14: Event generation with SHERPA 1.1

Gleisberg, T.; Hoeche, Stefan.; Krauss, F.; Schonherr, M.; Schumann, S.; Siegert, F.; Winter, J.
Preprint: arXiv:0811.4622, 2008-11

MCNET-08-13: Soft Photon Radiation in Particle Decays in SHERPA

Schonherr, Marek; Krauss, Frank
Preprint: arXiv:0810.5071, 2008-10

MCNET-08-12: Tools for event generator tuning and validation

Buckley, Andy
Preprint: arXiv:0809.4638, 2008-09

MCNET-08-11: Underlying events in Herwig++

Bahr, Manuel; Gieseke, Stefan; Seymour, Michael H.
Preprint: arXiv:0809.2669, 2008-09

MCNET-08-10: Herwig++ Status Report

Bahr, M.; Gieseke, S.; Gigg, M.A.; Grellscheid, D.; Hamilton, K.; Latunde-Dada, O.; Platzer, S.; Richardson, P.; Seymour, M.H.; Sherstnev, A.; Tully, J.; Webber, B.R.
Preprint: arXiv:0809.2002, 2008-09

MCNET-08-09: PYTHIA 8 Status Report

Sjostrand, Torbjorn
Preprint: arXiv:0809.0303, 2008-09

MCNET-08-08: Comix, a new matrix element generator

Gleisberg, Tanju; Hoeche, Stefan
Preprint: arXiv:0808.3674, 2008-08

MCNET-08-07: How to calculate colourful cross sections efficiently

Gleisberg, Tanju; Hoeche, Stefan; Krauss, Frank; Matyszkiewicz, Radoslaw
Preprint: arXiv:0808.3672, 2008-08

MCNET-08-06: Non-perturbative QCD Effects and the Top Mass at the Tevatron

Wicke, Daniel; Skands, Peter Z.
Preprint: arXiv:0807.3248, 2008-07

MCNET-08-05: Elastic and quasi-elastic $p p$ and $\gamma^{*} p$ scattering in the Dipole Model

Flensburg, Christoffer; Gustafson, Gosta; Lonnblad, Leif
Preprint: arXiv:0807.0325, 2008-07

MCNET-08-04: Multiple Interactions in Herwig++

Bahr, Manuel; Gieseke, Stefan; Seymour, Michael H.
Preprint: arXiv:0806.4250, 2008-06

MCNET-08-03: The Underlying Event and the Total Cross Section from Tevatron to the LHC

Bahr, Manuel; Butterworth, Jonathan M.; Seymour, Michael H.
Preprint: arXiv:0806.2949, 2008-06

MCNET-08-02: A Positive-Weight Next-to-Leading Order Monte Carlo Simulation of Drell-Yan Vector Boson Production

Hamilton, Keith; Richardson, Peter; Tully, Jon
Preprint: arXiv:0806.0290, 2008-06

MCNET-08-01: Simulation of Finite Width Effects in Physics Beyond the Standard Model

Gigg, M.A.; Richardson, P.
Preprint: arXiv:0805.3037, 2008-05