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Papers by MCnet members in 2018

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MCNET-18-34: Top-quark effects in diphoton production through gluon fusion at next-to-leading order in QCD

Maltoni, Fabio; Mandal, Manoj K.; Zhao, Xiaoran
Published: Phys. Rev. D 100, 071501 (2019)
Preprint: arXiv:1812.08703, 2018-12-20

MCNET-18-33: Finite Quark-Mass Effects in Higgs Boson Production with Dijets at Large Energies

Andersen, Jeppe R.; Cockburn, James D.; Heil, Marian; Maier, Andreas; Smillie, Jennifer M.
Preprint: arXiv:1812.08072, 2018-12-19

MCNET-18-32: Evaluating multi-loop Feynman integrals numerically through differential equations

Mandal, Manoj K.; Zhao, Xiaoran
Preprint: arXiv:1812.03060, 2018-12-07

MCNET-18-31: Probing the scalar potential via double Higgs boson production at hadron colliders

Borowka, Sophia; Duhr, Claude; Maltoni, Fabio; Pagani, Davide; Shivaji, Ambresh; Zhao, Xiaoran
Preprint: arXiv:1811.12366, 2018-11-29

MCNET-18-30: LHC Constraints on a $B-L$ Gauge Model using Contur

Amrith, S.; Butterworth, J.M.; Deppisch, F.F.; Liu, W.; Varma, A.; Yallup, D.
Published: JHEP 1905 (2019) 154
Preprint: arXiv:1811.11452, 2018-11-28

MCNET-18-29: Kinematic strangeness production in cluster hadronization

Duncan, Cody B.; Kirchgaeßer, Patrick
Published: Eur. Phys. J. C79 no. 1 (2019) 61
Preprint: arXiv:1811.10336, 2018-11-26

MCNET-18-28: Parton showers and matching uncertainties in top quark pair production with Herwig 7

Cormier, Kyle; Plätzer, Simon; Reuschle, Christian; Richardson, Peter; Webster, Stephen
Preprint: arXiv:1810.06493, 2018-10-15

MCNET-18-27: Bootstrapping solutions of scattering equations

Liu, Zhengwen; Zhao, Xiaoran
Published: JHEP 1902 (2019) 071
Preprint: arXiv:1810.00384, 2018-09-30

MCNET-18-26: Accurate simulation of W, Z and Higgs boson decays in Sherpa

Krauss, Frank; Lindert, Jonas M.; Linten, Robin; Schönherr, Marek
Preprint: arXiv:1809.10650, 2018-09-27

MCNET-18-25: QCD multiplet bases with arbitrary parton ordering

Sjodahl, Malin; Thorén, Johan
Preprint: arXiv:1809.05002, 2018-09-13

MCNET-18-24: Hadronic Final States in DIS at NNLO QCD with Parton Showers

Höche, Stefan; Kuttimalai, Silvan; Li, Ye
Published: Phys. Rev. D 98, 114013 (2018)
Preprint: arXiv:1809.04192, 2018-09-11

MCNET-18-23: Average Event Properties from LHC to FCC-hh

Brooks, Helen; Skands, Peter
Published: P. Eur. Phys. J. C (2018) 78: 963
Preprint: arXiv:1808.07224, 2018-08-22

MCNET-18-22: Colour Reconnection from Soft Gluon Evolution

Gieseke, Stefan; Kirchgaeßer, Patrick; Plätzer, Simon; Siodmok, Andrzej
Preprint: arXiv:1808.06770, 2018-08-21

MCNET-18-21: Multi-Higgs boson production and unitarity in vector-boson fusion at future hadron colliders

Kilian, Wolfgang; Sun, Sichun; Yan, Qi-Shu; Zhao, Xiaoran; Zhao, Zhijie
Published: Phys. Rev. D 101, 076012 (2020)
Preprint: arXiv:1808.05534, 2018-08-16

MCNET-18-20: The space–time structure of hadronization in the Lund model

Ferreres-Solé, Silvia; Sjöstrand, Torbjörn
Preprint: arXiv:1808.04619, 2018-08-14

MCNET-18-19: Novel tools and observables for jet physics in heavy-ion collisions

Andrews, Harry Arthur; d’Enterria, David; Apolinario, Liliana; Bertens, Redmer Alexander; Bierlich, Christian; Cacciari, Matteo; Chen, Yi; Chien, Yang-Ting; Mendez, Leticia Cunqueiro; Deak, Michal; Dominguez, Fabio; Harris, Philip Coleman; Kutak, Krzysztof; Lee, Yen-Jie; Mehtar-Tani, Yacine; Mulligan, James; Nguyen, Matthew; Ning-Bo, Chang; Perepelitsa, Dennis; Salam, Gavin; Spousta, Martin; Milhano, José Guilherme; Tywoniuk, Konrad; Van Leeuwen, Marco; Verweij, Marta; Vila, Victor; Wiedemann, Urs A.; Zapp, Korinna C.
Preprint: arXiv:1808.03689, 2018-08-10

MCNET-18-18: Collective Effects: the viewpoint of HEP MC codes

Sjöstrand, Torbjörn
Preprint: arXiv:1808.03117, 2018-08-09

MCNET-18-17: On the Cutoff Dependence of the Quark Mass Parameter in Angular Ordered Parton Showers

Hoang, André H.; Plätzer, Simon; Samitz, Daniel
Preprint: arXiv:1807.06617, 2018-07-17

MCNET-18-16: Microscopic collectivity: The ridge and strangeness enhancement from string–string interactions

Bierlich, Christian
Preprint: arXiv:1807.05271, 2018-07-13

MCNET-18-15: Resonance-Aware Subtraction in the Dipole Method

Höche, Stefan; Liebschner, Sebastian; Siegert, Frank
Preprint: arXiv:1807.04348, 2018-07-11

MCNET-18-14: Color matrix element corrections for parton showers

Plätzer, Simon; Sjodahl, Malin; Thorén, Johan
Preprint: arXiv:1808.00332, 2018-08-01

MCNET-18-13: PISTA: Posterior Ion STAcking

Bellm, Johannes; Bierlich, Christian
Preprint: arXiv:1807.01291, 2018-07-03

MCNET-18-12: The Angantyr model for Heavy-Ion Collisions in PYTHIA8

Bierlich, Christian; Gustafson, Gösta; Lönnblad, Leif; Shah, Harsh
Preprint: arXiv:1806.10820, 2018-06-28

MCNET-18-11: Next-to-leading order electroweak corrections to off-shell WWW production at the LHC

Schönherr, Marek
Preprint: arXiv:1806.00307, 2018-06-01

MCNET-18-10: Higgs-boson plus Dijets: Higher-Order Matching for High-Energy Predictions

Andersen, Jeppe R.; Hapola, Tuomas; Heil, Marian; Maier, Andreas; Smillie, Jennifer M.
Preprint: arXiv:1805.04446, 2018-05-11

MCNET-18-09: Leading-Color Fully Differential Two-Loop Soft Corrections to QCD Dipole Showers

Dulat, Falko; Höche, Stefan; Prestel, Stefan
Published: Phys. Rev. D 98, 074013 (2018)
Preprint: arXiv:1805.03757, 2018-05-09

MCNET-18-08: Models for total, elastic and diffractive cross sections

Rasmussen, Christine O.; Sjöstrand, Torbjörn
Preprint: arXiv:1804.10373, 2018-04-27

MCNET-18-07: MadDM v.3.0: a Comprehensive Tool for Dark Matter Studies

Ambrogi, Federico; Arina, Chiara; Backovic, Mihailo; Heisig, Jan; Maltoni, Fabio; Mantani, Luca; Mattelaer, Olivier; Mohlabeng, Gopolang
Published: Phys. Dark Univ. 24 (2019) 100249
Preprint: arXiv:1804.00044, 2018-03-30

MCNET-18-06: Precise predictions for same-sign W-boson scattering at the LHC

Ballestrero, Alessandro; Biedermann, Benedikt; Brass, Simon; Denner, Ansgar; Dittmaier, Stefan; Frederix, Rikkert; Govoni, Pietro; Grossi, Michele; Jäger, Barbara; Karlberg, Alexander; Maina, Ezio; Pellen, Mathieu; Pelliccioli, Giovanni; Plätzer, Simon; Rauch, Michael; Rebuzzi, Daniela; Reuter, Jürgen; Rothe, Vincent; Schwan, Christopher; Shao, Hua-Sheng; Stienemeier, Pascal; Zanderighi, Giulia; Zaro, Marco; Zeppenfeld, Dieter
Published: Eur.Phys.J. C78 (2018) no.8, 671
Preprint: arXiv:1803.07943, 2018-03-21

MCNET-18-05: Multi-jet merged top-pair production including electroweak corrections

Gütschow, Christian; Lindert, Jonas M.; Schönherr, Marek
Preprint: arXiv:1803.00950, 2018-03-02

MCNET-18-04: Stress testing the vector-boson-fusion approximation in multijet final states

Campanario, Francisco; Figy, Terrance M.; Plätzer, Simon; Rauch, Michael; Schichtel, Peter; Sjödahl, Malin
Published: Phys. Rev. D 98, 033003 (2018)
Preprint: arXiv:1802.09955, 2018-02-27

MCNET-18-03: Soft gluon evolution and non-global logarithms

Ángeles Martínez, René; De Angelis, Matthew; Forshaw, Jeffrey R.; Plätzer, Simon; Seymour, Michael H.
Preprint: arXiv:1802.08531, 2018-02-23

MCNET-18-02: Constraining the Higgs self-couplings at e$^{+}$e$^{−}$ colliders

Maltoni, Fabio; Pagani, Davide; Zhao, Xiaoran
Preprint: arXiv:1802.07616, 2018-02-21

MCNET-18-01: Colour Rearrangement for Dipole Showers

Bellm, Johannes
Preprint: arXiv:1801.06113, 2018-01-18