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Papers by MCnet members in 2014

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MCNET-14-35: Beyond Standard Model calculations with Sherpa

Höche, Stefan; Kuttimalai, Silvan; Schumann, Steffen; Siegert, Frank
Preprint: arXiv:1412.6478, 2014-12-19

MCNET-14-34: Automated next-to-leading order predictions for new physics at the LHC: the case of colored scalar pair production

Degrande, Céline; Fuks, Benjamin; Hirschi, Valentin; Proudom, Josselin; Shao, Hua-Sheng
Preprint: arXiv:1412.5589, 2014-12-17

MCNET-14-29: LHAPDF6: parton density access in the LHC precision era

Buckley, Andy; Ferrando, James; Lloyd, Stephen; Nordström, Karl; Page, Ben; Rüfenacht, Martin; Schönherr, Marek; Watt, Graeme
Preprint: arXiv:1412.7420, 2014-12-23

MCNET-14-28: Soft evolution of multi-jet final states

Gerwick, Erik; Hoeche, Stefan; Marzani, Simone; Schumann, Steffen
Preprint: arXiv:1411.7325, 2014-11-26

MCNET-14-27: Effects of Overlapping Strings in pp Collisions

Bierlich, Christian; Gustafson, Gösta; Lönnblad, Leif; Tarasov, Andrey
Preprint: arXiv:1412.6259, 2014-12-19

MCNET-14-26: ColorFull – a C++ library for calculations in SU(Nc) color space

Sjodahl, Malin
Preprint: arXiv:1412.3967, 2014-12-12

MCNET-14-25: Modelling hadronic interactions in HEP MC generators

Skands, Peter
Preprint: arXiv:1412.3525, 2014-12-10

MCNET-14-24: Jet properties at high-multiplicity

Gerwick, Erik; Schichtel, Peter
Preprint: arXiv:1412.1806, 2014-12-04

MCNET-14-23: Spying an invisible Higgs boson

Bernaciak, Catherine; Plehn, Tilman; Schichtel, Peter; Tattersall, Jamie
Preprint: arXiv:1411.7699, 2014-11-27

MCNET-14-22: An introduction to PYTHIA 8.2

Sjöstrand, Torbjörn; Ask, Stefan; Christiansen, Jesper R.; Corke, Richard; Desai, Nishita; Ilten, Philip; Mrenna, Stephen; Prestel, Stefan; Rasmussen, Christine O.; Skands, Peter Z.
Preprint: arXiv:1410.3012, 2014-10-11

MCNET-14-21: Higgs characterisation at NLO in QCD: CP properties of the top-quark Yukawa interaction

Demartin, Federico; Maltoni, Fabio; Mawatari, Kentarou; Page, Ben; Zaro, Marco
Preprint: arXiv:1407.5089, 2014-07-18

MCNET-14-20: Higgs production in association with bottom quarks

Wiesemann, M.; Frederix, R.; Frixione, S.; Hirschi, V.; Maltoni, F.; Torrielli, P.
Preprint: arXiv:1409.5301, 2014-09-18

MCNET-14-19: Transverse momentum resummation for Higgs production via gluon fusion in the MSSM

Harlander, Robert V.; Mantler, Hendrik; Wiesemann, Marius
Preprint: arXiv:1409.0531, 2014-09-01

MCNET-14-18: Top-quark mass effects in double and triple Higgs production in gluon-gluon fusion at NLO

Maltoni, F.; Vryonidou, E.; Zaro, M.
Preprint: arXiv:1408.6542, 2014-08-27

MCNET-14-17: Studying the sensitivity of monotop probes to compressed supersymmetric scenarios at the LHC

Fuks, Benjamin; Richardson, Peter; Wilcock, Alexandra
Preprint: arXiv:1408.3634, 2014-08-15

MCNET-14-16: Interplay between hydrodynamics and jets

Zapp, Korinna C.; Floerchinger, Stefan
Preprint: arXiv:1408.0903, 2014-08-05

MCNET-14-15: Effects of color reconnection on $t\bar{t}$ final states at the LHC

Argyropoulos, Spyros; Sjöstrand, Torbjörn
Preprint: arXiv:1407.6653, 2014-07-24

MCNET-14-14: Higgs-boson production through gluon fusion at NNLO QCD with parton showers

Höche, Stefan; Li, Ye; Prestel, Stefan
Preprint: arXiv:1407.3773, 2014-07-14

MCNET-14-13: Hydrodynamics and Jets in Dialogue

Floerchinger, Stefan; Zapp, Korinna C.
Preprint: arXiv:1407.1782, 2014-07-07

MCNET-14-12: Higgs pair production via gluon fusion in the Two-Higgs-Doublet Model

Hespel, Benoit; Lopez-Val, David; Vryonidou, Eleni
Preprint: arXiv:1407.0281, 2014-07-01

MCNET-14-11: Designing and recasting LHC analyses with MadAnalysis 5

Conte, Eric; Dumont, Béranger; Fuks, Benjamin; Wymant, Chris
Preprint: arXiv:1405.3982, 2014-05-15

MCNET-14-10: Drell-Yan lepton pair production at NNLO QCD with parton showers

Höche, Stefan; Li, Ye; Prestel, Stefan
Preprint: arXiv:1405.3607, 2014-05-14

MCNET-14-09: The automated computation of tree-level and next-to-leading order differential cross sections, and their matching to parton shower simulations

Alwall, J.; Frederix, R.; Frixione, S.; Hirschi, V.; Maltoni, F.; Mattelaer, O.; Shao, H. -S.; Stelzer, T.; Torrielli, P.; Zaro, M.
Preprint: arXiv:1405.0301, 2014-05-01

MCNET-14-08: Tuning PYTHIA 8.1: the Monash 2013 Tune

Skands, Peter; Carrazza, Stefano; Rojo, Juan
Preprint: arXiv:1404.5630, 2014-04-22

MCNET-14-07: Towards precise predictions for Higgs-boson production in the MSSM

Bagnaschi, E.; Harlander, R.V.; Liebler, S.; Mantler, H.; Slavich, P.; Vicini, A.
Preprint: arXiv:1404.0327, 2014-04-01

MCNET-14-06: Measuring collinear W emissions inside jets

Krauss, Frank; Petrov, Petar; Schoenherr, Marek; Spannowsky, Michael
Preprint: arXiv:1403.4788, 2014-03-19

MCNET-14-05: Next-to-leading order QCD predictions for top-quark pair production with up to two jets merged with a parton shower

Hoeche, Stefan; Krauss, Frank; Maierhoefer, Philipp; Pozzorini, Stefano; Schonherr, Marek; Siegert, Frank
Preprint: arXiv:1402.6293, 2014-02-25

MCNET-14-04: Revisiting radiation patterns in $e^+e^-$ collisions

Fischer, Nadine; Gieseke, Stefan; Plätzer, Simon; Skands, Peter
Preprint: arXiv:1402.3186, 2014-02-13

MCNET-14-03: Computing decay rates for new physics theories with FeynRules and MadGraph 5_aMC@NLO

Alwall, Johan; Duhr, Claude; Fuks, Benjamin; Mattelaer, Olivier; Öztürk, Deniz Gizem; Shen, Chia-Hsien
Preprint: arXiv:1402.1178, 2014-02-05

MCNET-14-02: Uncertainties in MEPS@NLO calculations of h+jets

Hoeche, Stefan; Krauss, Frank; Schonherr, Marek
Preprint: arXiv:1401.7971, 2014-01-30

MCNET-14-01: Weak Gauge Boson Radiation in Parton Showers

Christiansen, Jesper Roy; Sjöstrand, Torbjörn
Preprint: arXiv:1401.5238, 2014-01-21

MCNET-14-007: Triple vector boson production through Higgs-Strahlung with NLO multijet merging

Hoeche, S.; Krauss, F.; Pozzorini, S.; Schoenherr, M.; Thompson, J.M.; Zapp, K.C.
Published: Phys. Rev. D 89, 093015 (2014)
Preprint: arXiv:1403.7516, 2014-03-28