2013 publications


Papers by MCnet members in 2013

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MCNET-13-21: Summing Large-$N$ Towers in Colour Flow Evolution

Plätzer, Simon
Preprint: arXiv:1312.2448, 2013-12-09

MCNET-13-20: Merging of matrix elements and parton showers at NLO accuracy

Schönherr, Marek; Höche, Stefan; Krauss, Frank; Siegert, Frank
Preprint: arXiv:1311.3634, 2013-11-14

MCNET-13-19: NLO merging in $t\bar{t}$+jets

Schönherr, Marek; Höche, Stefan; Huang, Junwu; Luisoni, Gionata; Winter, Jan
Preprint: arXiv:1311.3621, 2013-11-14

MCNET-13-18: Real-virtual contributions to the inclusive Higgs cross-section at $N^3LO$

Anastasiou, Charalampos; Duhr, Claude; Dulat, Falko; Herzog, Franz; Mistlberger, Bernhard
Preprint: arXiv:1311.1425, 2013-11-06

MCNET-13-17: JEWEL 2.0.0: directions for use

Zapp, Korinna C.
Preprint: arXiv:1311.0048, 2013-10-31

MCNET-13-16: Colour reconnection and its effects on precise measurements at the LHC

Sjöstrand, Torbjörn
Preprint: arXiv:1310.8073, 2013-10-30

MCNET-13-15: Herwig++ 2.7 Release Note

Bellm, J.; Gieseke, S.; Grellscheid, D.; Papaefstathiou, A.; Platzer, S.; Richardson, P.; Rohr, C.; Schuh, T.; Seymour, M.H.; Siodmok, A.; Wilcock, A.; Zimmermann, B.
Preprint: arXiv:1310.6877, 2013-10-25

MCNET-13-14: FeynRules 2.0 - A complete toolbox for tree-level phenomenology

Alloul, Adam; Christensen, Neil D.; Degrande, Céline; Duhr, Claude; Fuks, Benjamin
Preprint: arXiv:1310.1921, 2013-10-07

MCNET-13-13: Challenges for QCD theory: some personal reflections

Sjöstrand, T.
Preprint: arXiv:1309.6747, 2013-09-26

MCNET-13-12: Precise Higgs-background predictions: merging NLO QCD and squared quark-loop corrections to four-lepton + 0,1 jet production

Cascioli, F.; Höche, S.; Krauss, F.; Maierhöfer, P.; Pozzorini, S.; Siegert, F.
Preprint: arXiv:1309.0500, 2013-09-02

MCNET-13-11: NNLOPS simulation of Higgs boson production

Hamilton, Keith; Nason, Paolo; Re, Emanuele; Zanderighi, Giulia
Preprint: arXiv:1309.0017, 2013-08-30

MCNET-13-10: RAMBO on diet

Plätzer, Simon
Preprint: arXiv:1308.2922, 2013-08-13

MCNET-13-09: Simulating spin-$ \frac{3}{2}$ particles at colliders

Christensen, Neil D.; de Aquino, P.; Deutschmann, N.; Duhr, C.; Fuks, B.; Garcia-Cely, C.; Mattelaer, O.; Mawatari, K.; Oexl, B.; Takaesu, Y.
Preprint: arXiv:1308.1668, 2013-08-07

MCNET-13-08: Constraining MPI models using $\sigma_{eff}$ and recent Tevatron and LHC Underlying Event data

Seymour, Michael H.; Siodmok, Andrzej
Preprint: arXiv:1307.5015, 2013-07-18

MCNET-13-07: Zero and one jet combined next-to-leading order analysis of the top quark forward-backward asymmetry

Hoeche, Stefan; Huang, Junwu; Luisoni, Gionata; Schoenherr, Marek; Winter, Jan
Preprint: arXiv:1306.2703, 2013-06-11

MCNET-13-06: PySLHA: a Pythonic interface to SUSY Les Houches Accord data

Buckley, Andy
Preprint: arXiv:1305.4194, 2013-05-17

MCNET-13-05: Monte Carlo Event Generators

Seymour, Michael H.; Marx, Marilyn
Preprint: arXiv:1304.6677, 2013-04-24

MCNET-13-03: Monte Carlo Simulation of Hard Radiation in Decays in Beyond the Standard Model Physics in Herwig++

Richardson, Peter; Wilcock, Alexandra
Preprint: arXiv:1303.4563, 2013-03-19

MCNET-13-02: Multiple Partonic Interactions in Herwig++

Gieseke, Stefan; Rohr, Christian; Siodmok, Andrzej
Preprint: arXiv:1302.4892, 2013-02-20

MCNET-13-01: Extracting $\sigma_{\rm effective}$ from the {CDF} $\gamma$+3jets measurement

Bahr, Manuel; Myska, Miroslav; Seymour, Michael H.; Siodmok, Andrzej
Preprint: arXiv:1302.4325, 2013-02-18