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Current members

Andy Buckley (Team Leader)

Andy Buckley is a professor at the University of Glasgow, and an author of the Rivet and Professor toolkits for MC analysis and tuning; the Contur, TACO, GAMBIT and TopFitter BSM data-reinterpretation projects; and the LHAPDF, HepMC, and various other small tools and utility libraries. His research interests are in experimental measurement and MC modelling of QCD dynamics, in particular heavy flavour and soft/collective QCD phenomena, and computational methods for designing and combining BSM-sensitive measurements. Andy is a member of the ATLAS experimental collaboration.

Christoph Englert
David Miller
Sophie Renner
David Sutherland
Stephen Brown
Neil Warrack
Tomasz Procter
Jamie Yellen
Benjamin Fuks (Sorbon Université and LPTHE)

Previous members

Peter Galler
Holger Schulz

Short-term students

Jack Araz (Concordia/IPPP)

Jack Araz is a PhD student from Concordia University in Montreal, undertaking a short-term MCnet studentship at the University of Glasgow with Andy Buckley and Benjamin Fuks. Jack’s project work is centred on effective-field theory studies of highly-boosted top quarks, probing the ability of future colliders to place statistical limits on generic Beyond Standard Model physics in the top sector. This involves incorporating the HEPTopTagger code into Rivet and MadAnalysis5, and studying how analyses using boosted tops can maximise sensitivity to EFT operators. The study will be made more realistic by use and development of fast detector-emulation systems in the two analysis frameworks, with particular emphasis on realistic modelling of jet substructure biasing and its uncertainties. Natural project extensions are EFT study of spin correlations in top-pair production, boosted tV systems, and prototyping a common analysis framework for BSM search reinterpretation.

Sukanya Sinha (Witwatersrand)
Max Knobbe (Goettingen)