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Short-term studentships
The short-term studentship programme has now restarted, has made its first appointment and is currently accepting applications to start from May 2018 onwards.

The 2nd MCnet Scientific Computing School will be held at Mariaspring/Göttingen September 3rd-7th 2018.

The 2018 MCnet school will be held at the Prato, Italy, campus of Monash University, July 23rd-27th.

Welcome to our new Student and Postdoc Committee. They help to organise our network meetings and also represent student and postdoc views at our monthly management committee meetings. You can contact them by email.

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MCnet is funded by Marie Curie Actions

MCnet is a European Union funded Marie Curie Initial Training Network dedicated to developing and supporting general-purpose Monte Carlo event generators throughout the LHC era and beyond, and providing training of a wide selection of its user base, particularly through funded short-term 'residencies' and Annual Schools.

Monte Carlo event generators are central to high energy particle physics. They are used by almost all experimental collaborations to plan their experiments and analyze their data, and by theorists to simulate the complex final states of the fundamental interactions that may signal new physics. The network incorporates all the authors of current general purpose event generators, and has the main purposes of: These training objectives are being achieved both through dedicated activities and through our outreach and research activities: