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The Vienna Team is led by Simon Plätzer and is embedded in the Particle Physics Group at the University of Vienna, which hosts expertise in several complementary fields centered around phenomenology of the Standard Model of particle physics.

The Particle Physics Group has a strong focus on QCD and Effective Field Theory methods, and the Vienna team contributes to the development of the Herwig event generator in the areas of matching, parton shower development, colour reconnection and hadronization, with close links to the Karlsruhe team. We also address the theoretical foundations of parton showers in an effort to improve on their accuracy, and are involved in developing connections between analytic predictions and parton shower algorithms to identify the precise definition of fundamental parameters such as quark masses. Within a closely related effort and in collaboration with Jeff Forshaw of the Manchester team, we develop the CVolver framework for a parton shower evolution at the amplitude level, both concerning its theoretical basis and innovative Monte Carlo methods and their implementation.



Current team members