The UCL team (or node) is centered at UCL, but there are some members based elsewhere. For more information about the UCL team and its members see here.

Projects at UCL tend to focus on the user-end aspects of the Monte Carlo tools. Note, however, that studies performed within MCnet are not experiment specific and so distributions requiring detector simulation should not be part of the project.

Here are some examples of the types of project that can be undertaken at UCL or Glasgow.

  • Use of Monte Carlo generators in reinterpreting measurements and searches to constrain physics beyond the Standard Model, using for example Rivet and Contur.
  • Validation and tuning of Monte Carlo generators using detector corrected experimental data. This could, but does not have to be, data from your own analysis.
  • Studying and improving the parts of Monte Carlo generators that require phenomenological models (see this project as an example).
  • Contrasting the predictions from different Monte Carlo generators of distributions relevant to your analysis. Experimental data can potentially be used to help differentiate (see this project and this project as examples).
  • Using generator level distributions from different Monte Carlo genererators to validate analysis techniques or design future experiments.