Throughout the course of the network we will run one school per year aimed at advanced PhD students and young postdocs. These schools follow the tradition and format we established through national schools in the UK in 2005 and Germany in 2006, developed further through the four years of the MCnet RTN, and the two schools we organised without EU funding, in Kyoto, Japan, and at CERN.

The schools are organized by individual teams in, or close to, their universities. They are typically held in early summer, with precise dates set with input from the user community concerning experimental collaboration meetings and other schools and workshops.

In addition, in 2021, the network will co-organise a school with UCAS IHEP in Beijing China, June 27th - July 3rd and in 2019, the network co-organised a school with the ICISE a school in Vietnam.

With the Covid situation worldwide, and an extension to MCnetITN3 having been approved by the European Commission, the school originally planned for Karlsruhe in 2020 was organised jointly with Dresden in 2021 and eventually held online.

In order to attract students and postdocs from as wide a variety of backgrounds as possible, we fund most of the local costs for the schools and make a significant contribution towards the travel costs for those in financial need in the form of bursaries.

An important part of our school format are our tutorial sessions, in which students usually work within a virtual machine or docker image, through a set of examples and problems on our main event generator projects, as well other related challenges, like writing your own simple parton shower generator. Examples of the virtual machine/docker images and tutorial problems can be found on GitLab.


Direct links to the home pages of the different schools: