LU-TP 19-05
Phys.Lett. B795 (2019) 194-199

by: Bierlich, Christian (Bohr Inst.)

The discovery of collectivity in proton–proton collisions, is one of the most puzzling outcomes from the first two runs at LHC, as it points to the possibility of creation of a Quark–Gluon Plasma, earlier believed to only be created in heavy ion collisions. One key observation from heavy ion collisions is still not observed in proton–proton, namely jet-quenching. In this letter it is shown how a model capable of describing soft collective features of proton–proton collisions, also predicts modifications to jet fragmentation properties. With this starting point, several new observables suited for the present and future hunt for jet quenching in small collision systems are proposed.
Publ date: 
Wednesday, January 23, 2019 - 03:04