Details of the projects of previous short-term students:

Space time colour reconnection in Herwig, Cody Duncan, Karlsruhe, six months from April 2018.

Investigating singularities in NLO splitting kernelsEmma Simpson Dore, Vienna, three months from September 2018.

Azimuthal di-jet correlations, Armando Bermudez Martinez, Lund, six months from April 2018.

Hadronization in Pythia8, Nadine Fischer, Lund, six months from June 2016.

CKKW Matching and Merging with HEJ, Helen Brooks, Lund, three months from March 2016.

Central Exclusive production in Pythia8, Radek Zlebcik, Lund, four months from September 2015.

Underlying event and hadronization effects on inclusive jet cross sections for various jet radii, Gagik Vardanyan, Manchester, four months from September 2014.