Direct links to the home pages of the participating institutes:

The work of MCnet is divided into Teams. Although each is named after the institution that coordinates it, most include members from more than one institution:

The Manchester team co-ordinates the network and has members from the Universities of Manchester and Cambridge.
The CERN team has members from both TH (theory) and SFT (physics software) groups of the physics department of CERN and also from ETH Zurich.
The Durham team has members from Durham University and the USA.
The Göttingen team has members from the Universities of Göttingen, Heidelberg and Freiburg.
The Karlsruhe team has members from the Karlsruhe Institute for Technology (KIT) and DESY Hamburg.
The Louvain team has members from the Catholic University of Louvain and the USA.
The Lund team has members from Lund University and also from DESY Hamburg.
The UCL team is led by University College London, and has members from there, the University of Glasgow and the Humboldt University of Berlin.

In addition, several former PhD students and postdocs of the network are still attached to their former teams.