Members of the Durham team

The Durham team is part of the Institute for Particle Physics Phenomenology (IPPP) which is a world leading phenomenology group with approximately 15 permanent staff, 15 postdocs and 20 graduate students. There is an advanced series of graduate lectures covering the full range of modern phenomenology, a regular series of seminars together with a programme to bring senior academics for longer periods. This provides an excellent training environment for the students, particularly in Monte Carlo simulations which encompasses many different areas of research, with the students having both lectures from and easy access to world leading experts in most areas of phenomenological research. In addition the university runs many courses in transferable skills, as part of the PhD programme, which will be available to the students. The IPPP grant from STFC provides excellent computing and secretarial support and the existing facilities for visitors mean both visiting members of the network and the ESR residencies can be accommodated. Although Durham itself does not have an experimental group we have easy access to the CEDAR project from local members and experimentalists visiting on a regular basis. Durham is also home to the PhenoGrid project, providing support for the phenomenology community's use of GridPP resources.