Members of the CERN team

Other MCnet-related People at CERN

The CERN team is based in the Theoretical Physics group at CERN, with strong ties to the Experimental Physics and Software groups. The team leader is Giulia Zanderighi. The group also hosts many other staff, fellows, students, and visitors working on the MCnet projects.

CERN is unable to host short term students but welcomes secondments from other mCnet nodes

The period of this network the 13-14 TeV running of the Large Hadron Collider, which is the focus of many of the physics efforts of MCnet. CERN is also a major crossroads for experimental and theoretical MC users and developers of other software. The physics analysis groups of ATLAS, CMS and LHCb are all centred around CERN and meet regularly there. The Geant4 project and LHC Computing Grid (LCG)'s Generator Services (GENSER) project are both based at CERN. The Theoretical Physics group is well known for running long-term workshops and also hosts a large body of fellows and visitors, many of whom are actively involved in MCnet-related physics.

CERN provides a huge range of training opportunities in high energy particle physics, from the introductory Summer Student lecture programme (running roughly from June through August), through the Academic Training lectures, specifically aimed at graduate students, and CERN-wide and department-wide colloquia, to specialized research seminars. The Theoretical Physics group also has several weekly seminars of its own, including one dedicated to theory-experiment interplay, called Collider Cross Talk. CERN also runs training courses in software development and design.