List of previous students

Nicola Orlando
Faten Hariri
Emma Kuwertz
Spyridon Argyropoulo
Sabrina Sacerdoti
Simone Amoroso
Jesper Roy Christiansen
Nathan Hartland
Christian Roehr
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Riccardo Di Sipio
Seyi Latunde-Dada
Devdatta Majumder
Martijn Gosselink
Christopher Bignamini
Marek Schönherr
Michal Deak
Noam Hod
Florian Bechtel
Jonathan Ferland
Manuel Bähr
Alexander Flossdorf
Piergiulio Lenzi

During his short-term studentship from October to December 2010 at UCL in London, Christian Röhr examined the Higgs/subjet analysis technique for the Higgs search at the LHC. First, general properties of the subjet technique were studied in Monte-Carlo analyses. The second and main part of the work focussed on studying the impact of pile-up on subjet analyses, i.e. of additional radiation due to secondary simultaneous proton-proton interactions. During the studentship a program for simulating pile-up events at event-generator level was written. This program allows to superimpose HepMC events generated with different Monte-Carlo event generators. The code is publicly available ( for further pile-up research at the LHC and at future colliders.