List of previous students

Nicola Orlando
Faten Hariri
Emma Kuwertz
Spyridon Argyropoulo
Sabrina Sacerdoti
Simone Amoroso
Jesper Roy Christiansen
Nathan Hartland
Christian Roehr
Benjamin Watt
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Riccardo Di Sipio
Seyi Latunde-Dada
Devdatta Majumder
Martijn Gosselink
Christopher Bignamini
Marek Schönherr
Michal Deak
Noam Hod
Florian Bechtel
Jonathan Ferland
Manuel Bähr
Alexander Flossdorf
Piergiulio Lenzi

Alexander Flossdorf is a PhD student from DESY Hamburg, on the CMS experiment, on a four-month MCnet studentship at CERN. He attended the 2007 MCnet school in Durham.

The goal of my PhD thesis is the comparison of different Monte Carlo Generators within the CMS experiment. Hence for me the MCnet studentship is a great help to gain a deeper understanding of the different generators. My work focuses on learning how to handle various of these tools and to get a feeling for the different strengths they have. By applying the same analysis to the Monte Carlo samples produced with different generators one can compare their behaviour and thus the models used within. Furthermore one learns a lot about the behaviour of the particluar generator and its features. So in my case it is not the goal to investigate something very specific concerning one dedicated generator but to learn a little about several of them and especially about the differences between them.

During the studentship the fundamental properties of the ttbar system were investigated, with focus on the influence of different shower models. A toy measurement of the top mass showed some effect on fundamental selection cuts and the combinatorial background.