List of previous students

Nicola Orlando
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Sabrina Sacerdoti
Simone Amoroso
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Christopher Bignamini
Marek Schönherr
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Noam Hod
Florian Bechtel
Jonathan Ferland
Manuel Bähr
Alexander Flossdorf
Piergiulio Lenzi

Simone Amoroso is a Ph.D. student from the University of Freiburg, on the ATLAS experiment, on a three-month MCnet studentship in the CERN team.

The MCnet "Professor" toolkit is the most widespread mechanism for optimising the free parameters in MC event generators, by comparing to a wide set of experimental data and minimising a chi2 metric. But Professor has only limited support for including the effects of correlated systematics in fitting. My project is adding mechanisms for treatment of full correlation information where available, and applying them in tunings to b-jet observables where b-tagging is a significant and correlated systematic.