List of previous students

Nicola Orlando
Faten Hariri
Emma Kuwertz
Spyridon Argyropoulo
Sabrina Sacerdoti
Simone Amoroso
Jesper Roy Christiansen
Nathan Hartland
Christian Roehr
Benjamin Watt
Philip Ilten
Nishita Desai
Sercan Sen
Miroslav Myska
Sudha Ahuja
Holger Schulz
Avi Gershan
Aleksander Kusina
Magdalena Slawinska
Flavia Dias
Kenneth Wraight
Irais Bautista Guzman
Sparsh Navin
Paolo Francavilla
Riccardo Di Sipio
Seyi Latunde-Dada
Devdatta Majumder
Martijn Gosselink
Christopher Bignamini
Marek Schönherr
Michal Deak
Noam Hod
Florian Bechtel
Jonathan Ferland
Manuel Bähr
Alexander Flossdorf
Piergiulio Lenzi

Details of the projects of previous short-term students:

Hadronization in Pythia8, Nadine Fischer, Lund, six months from June 2016.

CKKW Matching and Merging with HEJ, Helen Brooks, Lund, three months from March 2016.

Central Exclusive production in Pythia8, Radek Zlebcik, Lund, four months from September 2015.

Underlying event and hadronization effects on inclusive jet cross sections for various jet radii, Gagik Vardanyan, Manchester, four months from September 2014.

W-production at LHCb, Marek Sirendi, Lund, three months from September 2014.

Modelling and tuning of Z+b(b) Production, Nicola Orlando, UCL, four months (shortened to two) from July 2014.

Implementing tau decays with full spin correlations in MadGraph5_aMC@NLO via TauDecay, Faten Hariri, Louvain, four months from June 2014.

Developing a set of jet substructure observables to probe beyond-LL aspects of QCD showers, Emma Kuwertz, CERN, four months from May 2014.

Color reconnection effects in top physics, Spyridon Argyropoulos, Lund, three months from April 2014.

Looking for alternative scale-free observables in multijet events with the aim to identify when matrix element or parton showers must be used, Sabrina Sacerdoti, CERN, three months from March 2014.

Impact of systematic uncertainties and their correlations on generator tunes, Simone Amoroso, CERN, three months from March 2014.

Developing a new model for colour reconnections in PYTHIA 8, based on SU(3) group weights, Jesper Roy Christiansen, CERN, four months from February 2014.

Development of the MCgrid tool for projecting cross section calculations on grids, Nathan Hartland, Göttingen, five months from August 2013.

Monte-Carlo study of pile-up effects in Higgs/subjet analyses Christian Roehr, UCL, three months from October 2010.

Jets in parton distribution functions, Benjamin Watt, Karlsruhe, three months from October 2010.

Incorporating Spin Effects into Pythia 8, Philip Ilten, Lund, four months from September 2010.

R-parity violating SUSY and generic BSM models in Pythia 8, Nishita Desai, CERN, four months from August 2010.

Soft Diffraction Dissociation and Underlying Events Sercan Sen, UCL, four months from August 2010.

Double parton scattering, Miroslav Myska, Karlsruhe, four months from July 2010.

Photon production at the LHC, Sudha Ahuja, Karlsruhe, four months from July 2010.

Energy scaling of min-bias pp collisions, Holger Schulz, CERN, four months from June 2010.

Implementation of novel BSM processes in Pythia, Avi Gershan, UCL/Sheffield, three months from June 2010.

NLO parton shower algorithms and Herwig++, Aleksander Kusina, Durham/Manchester, three months from March 2010.

Proper matching of NLO matrix element with LO and NLO parton showers, Magdalena Slawinska, Durham, four months from March 2010.

LO vs NLO comparisons for Z + jets: MC as a tool for background determination for new physics searches at LHC, Flavia Dias, UCL, four months from February 2010.

Forward-backward and azimuthal correlations in pp collisions, Kenneth Wraight, CERN, four months from January 2010.

A C++ modified implementation of the routine Q-PYTHIA, Irais Bautista Guzman, Lund, three months from January 2010.

Development of diffraction in PYTHIA, Sparsh Navin, Lund, four months from May 2009.

Effects of the underlying event models on jets observables at the LHC, Paolo Francavilla, CERN, four months from February 2009.

QCD background to ttbar events, Riccardo Di Sipio, UCL, four months from January 2009.

NLO matching and merging, Seyi Latunde-Dada, Lund, three months from January 2009.

Inclusive W γ production, Devdatta Majumder, Lund, three months from January 2009.

W+jets, CKKW and Ariadne, Martijn Gosselink, Lund, four months from January 2009.

A thermal hadronization model Christopher Bignamini, Karlsruhe, six months from January 2009.

NLO in SHERPA, Marek Schönherr, Durham, four months from October 2008.

Gluon Splitting to Heavy Quarks in Parton Shower Algorithms, Michal Deak, CERN, four months from September 2008.

Building a New Exotic MC Tool, Noam Hod, UCL, four months from April 2008.

The underlying event in proton-proton collisions and its relation to multiple parton-parton interactions, Florian Bechtel, Lund, four months from March 2008.

Minimal Walking Technicolor in Sherpa, Jonathan Ferland, Durham, three months from February 2008.

The Soft Component of Underlying Events, Manuel Bähr, UCL, three months from February 2008.

Simulation of top quark production events, Alexander Flossdorf, CERN, four months from February 2008.

Z/W + jets production at the LHC: a comparison among different Monte Carlo generators, Piergiulio Lenzi, UCL, three months from January 2008.