Please use this form to apply for a short-term MCnet studentship.

Note that all fields marked with > must be filled in.

Please read all the instructions before filling in this form, including the eligibility requirements and the issues we expect to be covered in your research proposal.

Note that all uploaded files must be in PDF format.

For the number of months spent in the proposed host country please note that CERN is considered a country of its own, and periods spent with CERN User Status are counted pro rata, independently of the amount of time actually spent at CERN during that period. For example, if you have had 25% User Status for the last two years and spent one month of the year before that at CERN, answer 7.

For family status, please note that according to the Marie Curie criteria, a researcher is considered to "have family charges" if they are "married or have a relationship with equivalent status to a marriage recognised by the national legislation of the country of the host organisation or of the nationality of the researcher, and/or have charge of children".

Please check very carefully that you have entered your e-mail address correctly in both relevant fields.

The MCnet short-term studentship programme has temporarily suspended applications, but will restart in time for new studentships to commence from April 2017 onwards. Please check back here soon.